Five Years of Compassion

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On June 3rd, 2009, I entered into a lifelong endeavor, asking a simple question to the world, "What is compassion?" Last Tuesday marked the five year anniversary. Since that initial day, after asking over twenty thousand people and receiving approximately ten thousand entries, I feel as though these first five years are just the beginning of an incredible lifelong journey of bringing awareness to compassion.

Where Faith Meets Compassion

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On Sunday, April 27th, 2014, a deadly tornado struck the state of Arkansas and left an 80-mile path of destruction in its wake. My current professional position took me from Tacoma, WA to Little Rock, AR where I began my position as a field caseworker for a national disaster relief organization. Coming from the Seattle area, I had never experienced the devastation that a tornado can bring. The aftermath is indescribable. Over the past few weeks, I have seen hundreds of homes reduced to large piles of rubble.

A Monument to Compassion

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What happens when a community comes together in the name of sustainability, art, and compassion? What happens when, instead of building public structures commemorating war and promoting competition, a public space is created in honor of a sacred value? What happens when you build a monument to compassion in the downtown section of a city? The answer to these questions can be found at the Compassion Corner Earthbench. It is a monument built by and for compassion at the intersection of 3rd and C Streets in downtown Davis, California USA.