News & Reviews of Voices in Wartime

Voices in Wartime was first screened to a limited national audience on September 11, 2004, and opened in selected theaters in April, 2005.

  • Seattle Weekly: "One of the most original war movies ever made. Men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there."
  • LA Times: “A strong, riveting film”
  • NY Times: “an elegant statement not only about the devastation of war but also about poetry's power to amaze”
  • Entertainment Insiders: “Fascinating and extremely literate”
  • New York Post: “a fascinating idea” and “a moving documentary”
  • TV Guide: “filled with some of the most powerful poetry & shattering images ever to come out of warfare” and “required viewing”

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, February, 2006

Feature in the Fond du Lac Reporter

Voices in wartime are too often silent — the bearer of mute grief passed down from generation to generation. Bill Zierdt, a Vietnam veteran and professor at Marian College, knows now he passed down his broken coping skills to his daughter. "I don't have a friend because I push people away. I don't have the desire or the skills," he said Saturday morning in a room at the University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac filled with about 30 people who came to hear and share personal stories of war. The story panel was part of a daylong series of events that focused on the impact of war and the community's response to a Friday night showing of the full-length feature documentary, "Voices in Wartime." Andy Himes, the film's executive producer, flew in from Seattle, Wash., to participate in the local project. Read more...