Who Made the Film

Director and Executive Producer – Andrew Himes has been working for social change since the 1960s. During the 1980s, Himes spent several years as a technology journalist and editor, and in 1992 went to work for Microsoft, where he helped pioneer that company's embrace of the Internet. He managed the first web team at Microsoft and then built Web sites for Internet Explorer, Windows, MSDN and MSN. In 2001, he fused his passion for social justice and technology by founding Project Alchemy, a nonprofit that supported social change by using technology to strengthen movement building, communication and grassroots activism. He began working on his first film, Voices in Wartime, in the spring of 2003, and directed the short filmBeyond Wartime in the winter of 2004.

Producer – Lyall Bush has written extensively on film, filmmaking and filmmakers for a variety of publications, including Film Comment, MovieMaker, Film.com and The Stranger. He has produced five film festivals in Seattle in the past decade and regularly speaks on film, teaches classes on film and documentary film, and has been a script and creative consultant on two screenplays.
Associate Producer – Alix Wilber is a novelist and review writer, script and story consultant, co-executive producer of Voices in Wartime, and program director at the Richard Hugo House literary arts center in Seattle.
Editor, Camera, and Sound Production - Brian Quist is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and educator from Seattle, Washington. Recently selected as one of ten directors to participate in the 2003 Seattle International Film Festival’s Fly Films Challenge, Quist was given 10 days to shoot and edit a short film, which premiered at the festival in June. His most recent film, the feature-length millennium documentary A Day in the Hype of America, won Best Documentary at the 2002 Rhode Island International Film Festival and is currently being shopped to distributors. His previous film, We Are Refugees, profiles the plight of two Tibetan refugees who fled Tibet in 1998, defying the occupying Chinese edict and resettling in India. Quist, who has lived abroad for much of his life, also teaches filmmaking to underserved communities with the Seattle-based non-profit Arts Corps.
Editor, Camera, and Sound Production - T.J. Martin is a musician and award winning filmmaker from Seattle, Washington. He has been studying and producing films since he was 18 years old. With Global Griot, Martin has participated in numerous productions as a director, producer, and editor, including the award winning feature length film A Day in the Hype of America,and What Would Jesus Play? In addition to film production, Martin has been an active promoter in many arenas. He has organized events ranging from live musical performances to educational workshops and fundraising events, for non-profit agencies including El Centro De La Raza and the World Affairs Council. Currently, T.J. is in the process of developing a new company titled Project 2050, which is a multi-faceted production company with an aim to promote the embracing of diversity through multiple of forms of communication, such as music, film, dance, and literature.
Musical Score Composer – Michael Hebert began composing for film in 2004 while studying with Emmy-award winning film and television composer Hummie Mann. He has composed and orchestrated scores for several short films and film segments, most recently Murder, a computer animated short directed by Barbara Mones of the University of Washington Digital Media Lab. His jazz compositions and charts have been performed by notable Northwest jazz musicians, including Jim Knapp and his Orchestra. A lifelong musician, Michael is an accomplished classical, jazz, blues and rock guitarist and known for his ability to perform and compose in a wide range of styles.
Titles and Credits Design – Craig Kosak spent several years as the senior director of graphical design for microsoft.com, and is now a fine art painter.