White Slaveowners' Defense of Slavery


Students will read transcriptions of articles from two Augusta County, Virginia, newspapers to see how white southerners defended the institution of slavery.

National History Standards



  • Standards in Historical Thinking 4: Historical Research Capabilities
    Students should be able to

    • A. formulate historical questions from encounters with historical documents.
    • C. interrogate historical data by uncovering the social, political, and economic context in which it was created; testing the data source for its credibility, authority, authenticity, internal consistency and completeness; and detecting and evaluating bias, distortion, and propaganda by omission, suppression, or invention of facts.
  • Era 5: Civil War and Reconstruction
    Students should be able to
    • 1A. demonstrate understanding of how the North and South differed and how politics and ideologies led to the Civil War by identifying and explaining the economic, social, and cultural differences between North and South.
Virginia Standards of Learning
  • C/T8.4 The student will use search strategies to retrieve electronic information.
  • 11.6 Students will analyze the causes and effects of major events of the Civil War and Reconstruction, including slavery.
  • 11.1 Students will develop skills in historical analysis, including the ability to analyze documents, records, and data, formulate historical questions and defend findings based on inquiry and interpretation, and communicate findings orally, in brief analytical essays, and in a comprehensive paper.
National Council for the Social Studies
  • II. Time, Continuity, and Change
    • a. Students will systematically employ processes of critical historical inquiry to reconstruct and reinterpret the past, such as using a variety of sources and checking their credibility, validating and weighing evidence for claims, and searching for causality.
  • V. Individuals, Groups, and Institutions
    • e. Students will describe and examine belief systems basic to specific traditions and laws in contemporary and historical movements.