Timeline of the Korean War: 1945-53

                  Potsdam Conference                                       The Atomic Bomb                              Japanese Citizens Leaving Korea



July 24, 1945

Potsdam Conference held outside Berlin by Allied leaders to decide on postwar problems and the continuing war in Asia.

August 6, 1945
The U.S. drops the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. 
August 8, 1945
120,000 Russian troops invade Manchuria and Korea.
September 9, 1945
Japan surrenders south of 38th parallel, Korea.
November 14, 1947
U.N. Resolution declares the removal of troops from Korea after national elections.
February 8, 1948
North Korean People's Army (NK) officially activated.
April 8, 1948
U.S. troops ordered to withdraw from Korea.
August 15, 1948
The Republic of Korea proclaimed. Syngman Rhee elected first president.
September 9, 1948
Democratic People's Republic of Korea claims jurisdiction over all Korea.
June 29, 1949
Last U.S. troops leave South Korea.