Ernest A. Botti

Ernest Botti served in Korea as a first lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force, 339th/ 319th Fighter Squadrons.


"Eagles of the Night Sky"

Day succumbs to falling shadows—
    windows of the night sky
Flash their brilliance and
    fence with the cosmic wind.
Reality skirts my vision—
    a silent passage.
I witness endless horizons
    framed by the eyes of innocence
Filled with illusion.

Darkness descends—
    threading my way through
        memories of life's moments,
                of tragedies and triumphs—
                        of loneliness and LOVE—

I become a visitor in my dreams.
I struggle to wake—to shed this
    fragment of time—this
        spiral of slumber.
The light of Day will not be denied—
    the morning mist disperses—
        moonbeams in retreat.
A miracle of majesty
    glides 'cross the ether—
        propelled by nature's invisible eye—
                ‘ tis the 339th


Questions for Reflection: “Eagles of the Night Sky”

  1. Explain the reality of being a pilot in the night sky. What is seen? What is felt? What are the pilot’s thoughts?
  2. What do you think Botti was referring to when he claims that “I become a visitor in my dreams?”
  3. What might be the significance of light appearing for the pilot who flies the night sky?
  4. How does Botti feel about the 339th Fighter Squadron?