Earl Carson

Earl Carson is a resident of Washington State. He served in the Korean War from September 1950 to November 1951, in C Company, 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Marine Division FMF.


"Marines... The Brave, The Few"

Rifle squads are on patrol,
Though few remain alive;
In unity they fight as one,
For common goals they strive.

It's humid, and a blazing sun,
Is brutal in its touch;
A God, a home, a land they love,
Prompts them to risk so much.

Exploding shells and shattered trees,
A sound like Hell's refrain;
What they have seen so much before,
Is happening again.

The training they received in boot,
Has hammered out the rough;
The point man's hit, but rifle sights
Avenge him soon enough.

It's "saddle up, move out Marines!"
There isn't any doubt,
They will prevail as in the past,
They know war inside out.

The foe has thrown his gauntlet down
And chosen this his lot;
Outnumbered, still Marines respond,
The price regretting not.

The sounds of war are quiet now
A hilltop has been bought;
Can those at home know what they feared?
How fiercely they have fought?

Continue on, U.S. Marines,
Reload, regroup, renew;
Death is silent, always near
To those, "The Brave, The Few."


Questions for Reflection: “Marines…The Brave, The Few”

  1. What are some of the hardships that Marines endure as evidenced in Carson’s poem?
  2. In the poet’s eyes, what makes a Marine?
  3. What is meant by the phrase, “death is silent?”
  4. How is Carson’s poem a motivational testimony for future Marines?