Beyond Wartime film

Beyond Wartime is a 20-minute documentary film composed of a set of interviews with people who are working to heal the wounds of war. This short film explores questions raised by Voices in Wartime:

"We need to think beyond wartime, even in the midst of war..."

  • What can we do to heal the physical and psychological wounds of returning combat vets, and to reintegrate them into our communities?
  • How can we heal the damage done to civilians and civil society in places like Iraq and Afghanistan?

The world is living through dark times. Daily headlines confront us with the horror, suffering, and consequences of war and conflict in Iraq as well as in the Ivory Coast, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Palestine and Israel, and many other places. The damage done by war to soldiers and civilians as well as to the fabric of our culture and society is incalculable.

We need to understand the experiences and trauma of those who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other injuries – both combat veterans and civilian victims of war. We need to hear their stories, offer support and compassion, and help to reintegrate them with their families and communities.

In the midst of war, we need to look beyond war and take responsibility for the work of healing.